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I'm Stelfie, a 41 years old mf. Thanks to modern sd technology I time travel and take stelfies

📳Log #1 - Hello.

I made it.  I went back to Ancient Egypt, landing was shit but...guess how the Pyramids were built?

📳Log #2 - Egypt, 1801 BC.

Now, I don't wanna brag but... After months of sailing Columbus was lost in the Oceans and...

📳Log #3 - Columbus ship, 1492 DC.

So, it is getting a bit messy. I told them I was a messenger of the Gods.  I know, I know...

📳Log #4 - Ulysses and the Trojan horse

Did you notice that the version of the Monalisa you have in your present has something familiar?

📳Log #4 - Ulysses and the Trojan horse

I had to blur some important and historical data.  You'll be happy to know they are safe and sound

📳Log #6 - Ice Age chase.

I mean... Drunk a few breakfast whiskeys in the saloon down the road and the dude got upset

📳Log #7 - Old West

Do not fooking make a sound. Thanks

📳Log #8 : a lucky landing

I colonized Mars with my camping tent so Elon Musk  doesn't have to.

📳Log #9 : Mars, year 2022.

Apologies. I'm not as beautiful as you are used to see me. Got hit by a barbarian stone.

📳Log #10 : England, 1266.

I just said "what a nice view for a painting", all credits to Van Gogh.

📳Log #11 : Walking in a Starry Night, 1889.

"Sometimes...we just have to believe".  𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐬

📳Log #12 : On the sleigh.

I know, I'm looking sharp (ladies stop DM thanks). It's only evolution.

📳Log #13 : Darwin, 1872.

I'm pretty confident they have never seen a bald man before. What a view.

📳Log #14 : Sailing with Vikings, 937 AD.

Yes, Cleopatra may be upset but Julius has most definitely a great taste.

📳Log #15 - Origin of the Meme, Rome 46 BC.

To some degree I can say that my right hand painted a Dalí.

📳Log #16 : Artist Routine, 1961.

Fl5rCZJWQWe've been defeated. He's Dick, I'll take him home with me.AYz5bs (1)

📳Log #17 : Rough encounter, 1703.

He showed me his AC invention, I gave him a glimpse of the future.

📳Log #18 : Nikola Tesla's Report, 1887.

History books never told you about the mosquitoes.

📳Log #19 : "El Dorado" Gate, 1541.

I crushed into Einstein office to teach him the iconic tongue pose.

📳Log #20 : Einstein , 1941.

We were 301...  but I was left out of the story because I like to party.

📳Log #21 : This is Sparta.

Turns out he is upset because I lost the rake.

📳Log #22 : a Gothic journey, 1930.

Don't make me any offer, I'm not gonna sell it.

📳Log #23 : Artist Gift, 1952.

It may look like I'm losing but... yes, ok, I'm losing.

📳Log #24 : The Match with Ali, 1963.

I'm struggling only because we are using the left hand.

📳Log #25 : The 13th Labor of Hercules.

I took President Lincoln to the Mount which will have his face carved on 79 years in the future. He

📳Log #26 : Mount Rushmore before the carving, 1862.

I warned him that was a tough battle.

📳 Log #27 : Waterloo, 1815

Oops, a fart. Apologies.

📳 Stelfie Log #28 : Shit happens.

I went to visit "The Gold Rush" filming studio set. Apologies the flash light got me.

📳 Log #29 : Charlie Chaplin, 1925

Time travelling can be stressful, luckily I have a priority line with Sigmund.

📳 Log #30 : Relax with Freud, 1933.

The year she was awarded the second Nobel prize. Yes, I have definitely helped.

📳 Log #31 : Marie Curie, 1911

Best tavern in town. Yes, he has a gold earing. Yes, those are not the first pints. ...No, Imnot  dx

📳 Log #32 : Gettin pissed with Shakespeare

Too bad you couldn't hear my improved version of the 5th symphony.

📳 Log #33 : I challenged Beethoven, 1817.

My Top Gun experience.

📳 Log #34 : Amelia Earhart, 1928.

...and that's how gravity was unraveled. You're welcome

📳 Log #35 : "I got it" - Young Isaac Newton, 1667.

No worries, he's vegan.

📳 Log #36 : Bigfoot

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